Powered by Endless Surf™, the next generation of wave machine surf park technology delivers the complete surfing experience.

Emulating ocean swells, Surf Farm waves are created using air and pressure within pneumatic chambers.

Our technology embraces flexibility and consistency, enabling us to provide the broadest variety delivering the most efficient waves with something for all skill levels to experience, and come back for more.


wave vibes

At Surf Farm we can tailor the wave size by adjusting the number of pneumatic wave-generating chambers along the back wall of the pool. In Single Peak mode on an ES42, surfers can enjoy a ride of up to 21 seconds, whilst waves at The Peak offer an average ride of 10.5 seconds in Split Peak mode. Our commitment is to deliver a customised and thrilling surfing experience for enthusiasts of all skill levels.


The custom-designed heart-shaped pool offers notable advantages including its ability to simultaneously host a diverse range of surfers. Surf zones cater to experts, intermediates, and beginners; eliminating the need for segregation based on their preferred stance in the lineup.