the Break

Surf Farm is not merely a destination; it is an unforgettable, curated experience created to stimulate, excite, thrill, and educate participants – set amongst a pristine environment with the iconic Glass House Mountains dominating the landscape.



The pinnacle of surfing paradise; Surf Farm is an absolute haven for wave enthusiasts seeking the perfect blend of thrilling surf conditions set amongst idyllic natural surrounds.

This resort-style attraction includes a café, retail outlets, and leisure activities, embodying the essence of surfing culture and offering an unparalleled experience for surfers across all skill levels to catch consistent waves on land, in a safe environment.

Surf Farm offers a diverse range of wave sets catering to surfers with varying levels of expertise. Beginners can enjoy gentle rolling waves ideal for learning and growing confidence, whilst seasoned surfers can test themselves with powerful and challenging breaks.



Formerly a pineapple farm, this 10-hectare property in the Glass House Mountains is easy to access in a prime location when heading north from Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast.